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Apple announces watchOS 11 with new features

Since 2014, the Apple Watch has entered the connected watch market, but for a decade it has failed to change one of its most basic features. 

Apple announces watchOS 11 with new features

A Decade of Waiting for the Apple Watch

Ever since the first Apple Watch was released, users have always been able to make and receive calls with their iPhone directly from their wrist. However, this feature had an annoying limitation: the inability to customize ringtones. It sounds crazy to those who don\'t have the watch, but yes, the ringtone has always been the same, without any customization options.

With watchOS 11, this wait is finally coming to an end. The latest update of the Apple Watch operating system announced at the WWDC 2024 a few weeks ago provides the possibility of choosing eight different ringtones. Users can now select sounds such as \ "Pebbles \" inherited from the cell version. \" wonder \ ". 

In addition to the ringtone, WatchOS 11 also provides text messages, email, calendar warnings, reminders, and normal notifications. LES options include \ "Sononate \", \ "Brilliant \", \ "cheer \", \ "flutter \", \ "glove \", \ "Moment \", \ "scoop \", \ \, \. Different to enable "Globe \", \ "Flutter \", "Flutter \", and "Globe \". You still can't set specific ringtones for each contact or choose ringtones from the iTunes Store, but we don't plan to revert this change. For now, it's only available to those who download the developer beta. 

Other New Features in watchOS 11 

In addition to new audio customization options, watchOS 11 offers several additional features: A new app called Vital Signs more clearly tracks key elements of our health, including breathing, sleep, and blood oxygen levels. 

watchOS 11 also adds Live Activity, which lets you track certain activities in real time directly from the watch screen (to track workouts, births, races), just like you already do on your iPhone. 

Another remarkable addition, the \ '\ "Translate \" application is also included in the Apple Watch with Watchos 11. This application allows you to translate sentences directly from the clock, which facilitates communication during travel or in situations where the language barrier may be a problem. 

The watchOS 11 update will be available to the public this fall, with a beta already available to developers and a public beta planned for next month, but it's important to note that the update requires an Apple Watch Series 6 or later model.