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Google Pixel 9 will launch sooner than expected, as new Made by Google event confirmed

Google has sprung a surprise by announcing a summer event to present its new products. The Pixel 9 will be presented on August 13, putting the pressure on the iPhone 16.

Google Pixel 9

The smartphone world is set to be busy this summer with big announcements from two giants: Samsung and Google. The first has just confirmed that it will be holding Galaxy Unpacked in Paris on July 10 to unveil its new foldable models. 

This will be quickly followed by Google, who has announced a date of August 13, 2024. An unusual date for the American giant, which used to organize its \"Made by Google\" conferences much later in the year. The Pixel range, including the Pixel 8, was usually unveiled in October.

The invitation cards indicate that the event will begin on August 13, at 7 p.m. In Europe. For the California group, an August announcement also reduces the risk of a leak: Google has struggled for years to maintain an air of suspense around events dedicated to its devices. 

AI UPS with Google plans

Like its competing apple, artificial intelligence seems to dictate the rhythm of Mountain View. Google represents its future event called \ "ai ... Meet the IX Made by Google.'” A short video accompanying the announcement shows what appears to be the Pixel 9, but doesn't say which model it is. But the title leaves no room for doubt and confirms that Google will continue to talk about artificial intelligence.

After Google I/O 2024, it's time to integrate the brand's products, such as the Pixel 9. Various leaks indicate that Google will no longer be presenting two models, but three smartphones: Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro and Pixel 9 Pro XL. The manufacturer is expected to talk at length about the new Tensor chip, which is inevitably geared towards AI functions. In addition to Gemini AI, the Pixel 9 family will also feature a new design.

The presence of three models in the range is reminiscent of Apple's strategy. It allows the manufacturer to offer several formats around the same experience. The Mountain View company would go even further by positioning itself in the folding segment. Indeed, the second-generation Pixel Fold should not be forgotten.

Google's folding smartphone could also become part of the main series, by opting for the name Pixel 9 Fold or Pixel 9 Pro Fold. These devices will be ambassadors for Android 15, a new version that may arrive a little earlier than expected. Finally, Google will also be integrating AI into its Pixel Watch 3 connected watch.