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Here are 5 new features in Google Chrome for smartphones

Google's new features will be rolling out to Android and iOS users this week. New features include: Google on Wednesday introduced new features to the mobile version of its Chrome browser.

The tech giant announced in a blog post that it is adding the Chrome Actions feature to local search results. This allows users searching for places to easily access specific actions, like calling a restaurant, getting directions, or reading reviews. The feature will be available for the iOS and Android versions of the app in the fall.

Google then turned its attention to tablets, unveiling a new design for the address bar on tablets, which will be available in the latest software update. Instead of hiding a website when you open Chrome\'s address bar to search, the new design will always show the web page you\'re on. This allows you to return if you have not conducted a survey.

Search by address bar

Regarding the address bar, the mobile version of the Chrome for iOS and Android will also provide proposals during the research. Depending on what you're looking for, Chrome will show you relevant information in the address bar.

Google gave the example of a user searching for "timetable" and Chrome suggesting local subway timetables. The feature will be available in this Chrome update for mobile devices.

Great for iOS

For a while now, Google has offered the ability to view search trends on the Android version of its mobile browser. In its latest update, the company adds popular search terms to the iOS version.

This gives Apple device owners the ability to see what popular searches are being performed on Google Search at any time. Google \'s new features will be deployed this week to Android and iOS users. But some users may not be able to see them right away. The company didn't say when the Chrome Actions feature would be added.