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How Coyote is reinventing itself to make you forget Waze and Google Maps

The revolutionary new Coyote app is more intuitive, less intrusive, and still effective. Enough to make you forget about Waze, Google Maps, and the like? 

Coyote maps

In Coyote, the user is at the center of the company's strategy. French companies, which are "Customer Voice", are distinguished by the ability to adapt to the needs of 5 million users, as five leaders are dedicated to commenting on comments.

Thanks to these criticisms, Coyote has now been able to provide a new application recycled to meet the driver's expectations while maintaining the know -how of the brand.

A very disturbing alert

The engineer first worked on the warning sound design. While Waze and Google Maps often go for basic alerts, Coyote worked with Sound to Sight, a French company that specializes in automotive sound design, to create more musical and effective sound alerts.

The company's goal is to create a more calming driving experience while maintaining a high level of safety. The new sounds are designed to more comfortably alert drivers if they cross a restricted zone or exceed the speed limit.

"For us, it was important to rethink the sound design of the alerts to combine quietness with efficiency," explains Stephane Courtelin, marketing and product director at Coyote. We cooperated with the Sound to Sound expert team, a French company specializing in the design of cars, and continued to warn the danger by providing musical sound alerts in the pilot community. 

Our main task is to attract the driver's attention as needed, thanks to our hearing notification. And this continues to be a strength of Coyote's driver assistance service compared to other solutions on the market.

Clearer maps and artificial intelligence

Coyote has also updated its visual interface to make the information easier to read. The color of the map was revised and there was a more prominent contrast between the roads. A new idea on the movement and closing road has been introduced using the universal color code (red/white of the dashed line). 

To compete with the powerful algorithms of Google and Waze, Coyote uses artificial intelligence to improve the accuracy of its alerts. The company developed an algorithm that aggregates alerts reported by the community when temporary milestones occur. The algorithm not only avoids an increased number of alerts for the same event, but also calculates the exact speed test zone with high accuracy.

Coyote enhanced its data with a combination of anonymous information provided by users and information from its mapping partner, Here. This approach significantly improves travel time estimates, especially in heavy traffic, and provides a reliable alternative to Waze and Google Maps estimates.


Unlike competitors that focus only on mobile applications, Coyote is developing an entire ecosystem of driver assistance systems. The company announced the upcoming release of a new driver assistance module to cater to millions of users who prefer dedicated devices over smartphone applications.

In addition, Coyote will release a new version of its tracker for its Coyote Secure offer, further improving efficiency and autonomy. This product diversification allows Coyote to meet a wider range of driver needs, where Waze and Google Maps remain limited to their applications.

Coyote has no intention of stopping there. The company has already announced a further overhaul of its app by 2025, a long-term vision that signals the company's determination to remain at the forefront of driver assistance innovation.