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PlayStation 6: Release date speculation, price, specs, and more

We may find out more about the next-generation PlayStation sooner or later.

In early 2024, Sony senior vice president Naomi Matsuoka told Bloomberg, "Looking to the future, the PS5 will be in the final stages of its life cycle." While she didn't directly say that the PlayStation 6 was in development, it's likely the company is already looking ahead to its next console. Even though there are only rumors, it's never too early to start speculating about the next generation of consoles. 

How will PS6 differ from PS5? 

Is there one of the best games to go to PS6 to PS6? How about the next PS5 game that starts immediately? Nothing is set in stone, but let's see what the future of PlayStation could look like.

PS6 release date speculation

The biggest clue as to when the PS6 might release, or at least when it might be planned at some point, points to 2027. This information comes from Microsoft's official court documents as part of its acquisition of Activision Blizzard, which state that "by the time SIE releases its next-generation PlayStation console (likely around [redacted]), its consoles will no longer have access to Call of Duty." The date was redacted here, but sleuths linked this to a deal Microsoft made with Sony to continue offering Activision Blizzard's games on PlayStation consoles until 2027. 

This suggests that Microsoft didn't believe there would be a new PlayStation until 2027 anytime soon. If we look at past generations, these time frames correspond to the life spans of past generations. The PlayStation 4 had seven years before the PS5 came out, and the PlayStation 3 also had seven years before its successor arrived. The PS5 launched in 2020, so by 2027 the console cycle will be seven years again. I wouldn't put my money on 2027 exactly, but late 2027 onwards seems like a safe bet. 

PS6 price

The price of the PS6 cannot be estimated by how much reliability. So far, we have not found any types of brands with characteristics. You can't even start the total number to find something worth it. But based on past pricing and rumored specs, it's unlikely the price will be under $500 at launch, much less approach the intimidating $600.

PS6 Features 

Insider Gaming claims to have documents on a very unique feature in development for the PS6 called PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR). According to Insider Gaming, the technology will allow games to run at 4K at 120 fps (frames per second) or 8K at 60 fps. A weaker version of PSSR is expected to make it onto the PS5 Pro, but it will be fully featured on the PS6.


Exact specs for the PS6 are a bit scarce. Moore's Law is dead, the company said, "We know with 100% certainty that Sony will continue to work with AMD on the development of the PS6 and PS5 Pro going forward." This makes sense, as it's the same chipset used in the PS5, which makes things like backward compatibility and cross-generational gaming much easier. The next generation of AMD chips are due to be released in 2025, so the PS6 will likely be built on those. 

A new SSD would likely be included, as it was a big step forward in nearly eliminating the load times of the PS5, but there was no information on it.

It's also expected that by the time the PS6 launches, there will be at least 1TB of storage, especially if the console becomes digital-only.