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Youtube is full of new features for its Premium subscribers

YouTube is taking care of its premium subscribers by offering a variety of new features powered by artificial intelligence.

Youtube Premium

YouTube was able to announce new features for its premium subscribers overnight. It's available directly on Android phones in the US, and will be coming to iOS later this year. Let's start with Jump Ahead, a tool that uses artificial intelligence to analyze viewer data and determine the most popular video segments. The goal is simple: let users jump directly to that segment with a "skip to next" button.

YouTube seems to be doing its best to grab users' attention, but that's not the only new thing: the VOD service is also launching PIP (picture-in-picture) for short films. Simply put, the feature now lets you switch the YouTube video you're watching to a smaller format so that it can play in the background while you spend time in other apps, for example. However, the feature didn't support Youtube Shorts, which is now coming to Android as well.

A vision for the future

In addition to the changes effective immediately on Android in the U.S., YouTube was also able to reveal the projects its development teams are currently working on for its Premium subscribers. Firstly, YouTube wants to make Premium controls more accessible, in fewer steps. It's true that today, you have to press the "Settings" button on a video, then "Other Settings" and finally "Premium Controls" to access them.

In addition, the video streaming giant is preparing to offer a "Smart download for Shorts" function. Premium subscribers can already take advantage of smart video downloads: this function enables YouTube to download videos automatically according to each user's algorithm, so that they can access content at any time, even if they don't have an internet connection.

Finally, without going into further detail, YouTube announced that it was working on new paid offers in more regions of the world, to "introduce new plans and explore new ways for you to share your Premium benefits with friends in the future".