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YouTube Is Rolling Out Five New Features for Premium Subscribers

While the free version of YouTube works perfectly fine (the current ad blocker debacle notwithstanding), if you're a frequent user, the premium subscription is actually a great deal: you get to skip most ads, download videos for offline playback, access YouTube Music Premium, and the chance to try new features before other YouTube users. 

YouTube today added five new features for YouTube Premium subscribers: two that are now widely available and three that are experimental features that you can enable if you want. Here's what's new. 

After a series of tests, YouTube is continuing to develop Jump Ahead, a new feature that uses AI to analyze the "best" parts of a video based on where most users scroll while watching. If you double-tap the player window to skip back 10 seconds, you'll see an option to "skip forward" to that "better" location.
YouTube says the feature is rolling out to YouTube for Android first, but will soon be available on the iOS app for premium subscribers. 

Picture-in-Picture for Short YouTube Videos

Picture-in-Picture is a convenient way to watch videos on platforms like YouTube while switching to other apps. Android Premium subscribers will now be able to use PIP for TikTok-style YouTube Short videos. I think this function is useful for short shorts, but there are no powerful cases of 15-30 seconds in PIP.

Intelligent download for shorts (experiment)

By solving this experimental function, YouTube can automatically download new shorts to your smartphone and see it, regardless of connection. The company does not specify it, but I think these shorts will also work in PIP mode.

AI conversation (experiment)

YouTube has also announced that it has brought conversation AI to Android devices. If YouTube AI is available, it will appear below the video with a "Ask a question" button that lets you ask the bot questions or request content similar to the video you're watching, even while the video is playing. I don't think this AI will be a game changer, but it's an interesting experiment nonetheless.

New View Page Interface (Experimental)

The only change to the YouTube web app for premium subscribers is the new experimental watch page. YouTube didn't say much about it, but said the new video watch page will make it easier to find new videos and interact with comments.

How to sign up for YouTube's experimental features

If you want to try these three new experimental features, and others that YouTube is currently testing, go to YouTube's "new" webpage and sign up.