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iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max get big battery life boost

In a few months, Apple will apparently launch the iPhone 16 series with a bigger battery and better battery life. But he could do more in the future. 

Iphone 16 battery

Better cell density

According to Ming Chi Kuo, which was inspired this weekend, Cupertino will consider a new battery structure of the iPhone with a new stainless steel case. This new model needs to provide 5 to 10 % cell density and guarantees that it is highly durable. 

This increase guarantees the safety limits required by the current standard, but above all, the compliance with new EU regulations is guaranteed. This is a requirement for smartphone manufacturers to improve product repairs by making the owner easily replacing the battery by 2025. 

Easy Battery Changes

Apple plans to achieve this with a new way of attaching the battery, using electroadhesion on the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max, and potentially extending the method to the entire iPhone 17 range. 

Iphone 16 battery

This isn't the first time the analyst has addressed the issue: back in May, he noted the improved energy density of the iPhone 16 Pro Max battery (i.e. the amount of energy it can store and release during operation). 

This will extend battery life for the same size, or even provide the same life with a smaller battery size. To avoid any overheating issues, Apple is expected to use a stainless steel case as a heat dissipation solution for the first time. In his opinion, the capacity of the iPhone 16 Pro Max will increase to 4,676mAh (compared to 4,441mAh for the iPhone 15 Pro Max). 

The iPhone 16 will have a capacity of 3,561 mAh compared to 3,367 mAh for the iPhone 15. However, the iPhone 16 Plus battery is said to have a capacity of 4,006 mAh compared to 4,407 mAh for the iPhone 15 Plus. The figures are a little less optimistic than this morning's leak.