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Epic Games criticises Apple for rejecting its Games Store in the EU

Fortnite Maker Epic Games has entered a stumbling block with a plan to send an alternative to Epic Games Store, an EU company application store. This year, as the EU (DMA) announced this year, we are planning to return both digital stores and Fortnite flagship games to European IOS. Now, Epic claims that Apple has denied its request twice, fearing that its game store would be too similar to Apple's own app store. 

He also said that the "in-app purchase" labels were rejected because they were too similar to Apple's. Epic said it uses the same naming conventions that are standard in popular app stores on other platforms. 

The company said it had expressed concerns to the European Commission, arguing that the refusal was "arbitrary, obstructive and contrary to the DMA."

Epic's case is a prime example of how strictly Apple will enforce its new rules that allow third-party app stores on iOS for the first time. Too many failures could also discourage other developers interested in testing the waters through their own sales channels.

Apple responded to Epic Games' post by stating that it was trying to help the company acquire a game store, and that under section 2.3(G) of the Developer Agreement, Epic Games was not permitted to use its own game store. Store. According to Apple, Epic has largely followed the rules, except for the design and text of the download button.

Apple also noted that Epic Games' Fortnite app has already been approved. 

Under the new DMA rules, Apple must allow third-party app stores on iPhones because it is considered a "gatekeeper" under EU law. App developers can also switch to a new set of DMA rules that could reduce fees for in-app purchases on the App Store, though that process still involves fees under a complex new structure in which developers pay Apple for the use of its technology instead of. 

Epic has been fighting for years with Apple for a way to reach my customers on the iPhone without having to pay for purchases for purchases in demand. The company has taken the case in the United States in the United States, where, in the end, it lost most fronts, could not prove that Apple is a monopoly. However, Epic's persistent complaints led Apple to temporarily shut down the game's European developer account before European regulators again stepped in. Epic Games then released Fortnite on iOS and iPad in the EU and promised to bring a games store to the market.