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iOS 18: how to change Siri's name on iPhone?

And use a word that's easier to pronounce, for example.

In iOS, since version 18, you can change the name of the voice assistant, natively named Siri. In fact, it's the ability to change the trigger word for artificial intelligence. So, instead of having to say Siri before any request for action and/or information, you can choose any other word: Alexa, OK Google, Cerebro, HAL 9000, Mother, Kitt, or even Icarus, Samantha or Jarvis, it's up to you (did you spot the movie references? Tell us in the comments).

Proper nouns work just as well as common ones, giving you a vast field of possibilities.

Once you've decided what you want to call Siri, here's how.

How do I rename Siri?

Go to the Settings app, then :

1- Go to Accessibility > Voice Shortcuts

2- Press "Continue".

3- Search for "Siri" in the search field or in the list below (1 and 2).

4- Press on the result: Siri (3)

5- Choose your trigger word by writing it out in full.

iOS prompts you to say the word 3 times - it's up to you!

Finally, press "Continue" to validate the operation

Try your luck with the new trigger word, which should wake Siri up.

Why change Siri's name and what are the limitations?

Renaming Siri makes the assistant less efficient. Indeed, with a different name, your request has to be made in two stages. First, you have to wake up Siri with the new word, pause and then formulate your request.

In comparison, with the basic Siri name, you can say "Siri" and directly submit your request in the same sentence.

All the same, renaming Siri can be interesting beyond the fun of it. We're thinking, of course, of people with articulation difficulties. In this way, they can choose a word that includes phonemes they are more familiar with, making it easier for them to call on Apple's voice assistant.