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iPhone 16 Ultra: Rumors, Release Date, Features

As we eagerly await the release of Apple's iPhone 16 family in Fall 2024, rumors are growing that it may include an Ultra version for the first time.

Iphone 16 ultra

An Ultra model has been talked about for a while, especially following Apple's release of the Apple Watch Ultra in 2022. There was a feeling that Apple would likely extend the Ultra offering to its flagship smartphones as well.

Here's what we know so far: 

iPhone 16 Ultra: what we know so far and rumors

Design and display

To distinguish the Ultra model from the iPhone 16 family, Apple will probably have to make some changes to the overall design of the phone, otherwise it will risk blending in with its brothers and sisters. After all, an Ultra model has to live up to its name.

So it's no surprise that rumors suggest the iPhone 16 Ultra could have a 6.9-inch screen, which would be the biggest screen on an iPhone ever. For comparison, the iPhone 15 Pro Max screen is 6.7 inches.

Joining the display, we could see that the iPhone 16 Ultra chose a brighter panel to compete with the Pixel 8 Pro Display Google, which reaches 2400 threads.

Meanwhile, some reports suggest that all displays on the iPhone 16 will be more power efficient. Samsung is reportedly switching from using blue fluorescent technology in its displays to blue phosphorescent technology to reduce display power consumption, and given that it supplies iPhone display panels to Apple, it's reasonable to assume that this could be a feature coming to the iPhone Ultra version of the iPhone 16. 

One of the key design features rumored to feature on the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max is the display bezel, which will reportedly be the smallest in the world. According to Setsuna Digitial on Weibo, the 16 Pro will have a 1.2mm bezel around the display, while the 16 Pro Max will have a 1.15mm bezel around the display. To show how much this improvement is, Pro iPhone 15 was 1.71 mm.

All this is outside the new production process of the structure of the structure of the borders and can mean that although we can expect that on the iPhone 16 Ultra, you can find a larger display, the global housing should be Much bigger than the iPhone 15 Pro Max. 

In other places, the introduction of the semiconductor button was rumored to be extended before the release of the iPhone 15 Pro. At that time, despite the introduction of the action button, we did not see them. Therefore, there is a fair guess that can be seen on the iPhone 16 Pro, especially on the iPhone 16 Ultra. The solid-state buttons will replace the current mobile volume and power buttons we see on existing iPhone models with buttons that provide haptic feedback, such as an action button and a new capture button that will improve the camera control.

If we ever want to have a buttonless iPhone, it would make sense to release an Ultra version. 

Hardware and software

The iPhone 15 Pro lineup launched the A17 Pro chipset, so we could see the A18 Pro chip appear in the iPhone 16 Ultra, although details on this are currently very scarce.

Analyst Jeff Pu, via MacRumours, clarified that all iPhone 16 models will be equipped with the A18 chip, while the A18 Pro will be reserved for Pro models, including the Ultra. The A18 Pro is assumed to be powerful enough to face the laptop. This is, of course, an update that is expected on the Ultra iPhone.

Storage Front is expected to provide at least 256 GB in accordance with the iPhone 15 Pro Max according to the iPhone 15 Pro Max, but according to the Blogger Eye1122, it can be seen that Ultra will introduce up to 2 TB storage. As for battery life, there's nothing special to say yet: the Apple Watch Ultra offers twice the battery life of the standard Apple Watch, but there's no sign that the iPhone 16 Ultra will do the same. Meanwhile, iOS 18 is expected to come out of the box on the iPhone 16 Ultra. iOS 18 has already been announced by Apple and is expected to be released this fall.


One thing Apple fans always look forward to when a new iPhone releases is camera improvements, and if an iPhone 16 Ultra is in the works, it should feature one of the best smartphone cameras on the market. if not the best.

We saw the introduction of a tetraprism telephoto lens on the iPhone 15 Pro Max, allowing it to achieve 5x optical zoom for the first time. This will be present on all iPhone 16 Pro models, so how far can Apple go with the Ultra?

There could be more

The powerful zoom would allow it to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, which has a 10x optical zoom. In addition, it has been reported that Apple can move to another type of thin telephoto and improve its expansion.

On the other hand, the iPhone 16 Pro has a 48 mp main camera. This probably includes Ultra. One of the original rumors was that the Ultra would be the only iPhone to offer spatial video capture, but reports of a redesign of the vertical camera mean it's now expected to be on all models in the iPhone 16 family, presumably meaning that all iPhone 16 smartphones will be able to capture spatial video as well. 

What is the iPhone 16 Ultra release date?

We hope that we will get used to iPhone 16 in the fall of 2024, and rumors are increasing that Apple can display Altra iPhone 16. In February 2023, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reported that Apple was working on "an even higher-end Ultra model as early as 2024."

This adds weight to rumors that an Ultra model could appear in the iPhone 16 lineup in September 2024, but there is no concrete information yet on whether this is a realistic expectation or just speculation.

For example, there is no mention of an iPhone Ultra in this roadmap of potential Apple product releases provided by Samsung Securities. This suggests that even Apple's biggest competitor is not expecting them to release an iPhone Ultra just yet.

And remember, we're still waiting for iPhone Flip rumors. 

How much will the iPhone 16 Ultra cost?

The iPhone Ultra's actual release date is still unclear, so it's hard to guess how much it will cost. At this time, there is no indication that the iPhone Ultra will replace, say, the iPhone Pro Max version in the lineup. That means, naturally, the price of the Ultra version is expected to be more than $1,199, the price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max launched on the market. .

For reference, Apple has set the price of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 at $700, $400 higher than the Apple Watch Series 9. If Apple sticks to this pricing strategy, the iPhone Ultra could cost at least $1,399, considering the iPhone 15 Pro is priced at $999.

That may seem like an exorbitant price, but compared to the $1,799 price tag of foldable smartphones from Samsung and Google, it's actually incredibly competitive.