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Pixel 10: a powerful, autonomous smartphone thanks to the Tensor G5

Pixel 10: we're on the brink of something truly amazing! Thanks to the Tensor G5, this smartphone is about to become super-powerful and autonomous.

Pixel 10

Pixel 9 will appear very soon, but we already know that the Pixel 10 Google, expected in 2025, will have a secret weapon: Tensor G5, an original processor engraved in the 3rd. This revolutionary chip promises tenfold performance, recordings of recordings and exclusive functions. 

The Pixel 10 is being revealed bit by bit, which is great news for fans of the Google smartphone. According to information from Taiwan, the processor that will be installed in this smartphone is called Tensor G5, which is the successor to the G4 installed in the Pixel 9, and has just passed the important stage of refining the design. 

Pixel 10: Google increases its game with a home chip engraved in 3 nm

This chip promises to considerably increase the battery performance and lifespan thanks to several factors. First, it will be captured in 3rd place, the latest advanced giant of TSMC, giant of Taiwanese semiconductors. This means smaller and denser transistors, which will lead to greater energy efficiency and more processing power.

Second, Google will stop production of the Samsung Tensor G5. This strategic change is explained by the difficulties South Korea faces in manufacturing chips using the 3nm process: low profitability and high consumption will likely lead Google to turn to TSMC, known for its know-how in this field. 

The move also marks Google's independence from Samsung. Until now, Tensor chips have been based on Samsung's Exynos series, which limits customization a bit and could be the cause of heating issues in some Pixel phones. 

By designing the Tensor G5 from start to finish and relying on TSMC's expertise, Google is giving itself the opportunity to optimize its smartphone's processor as much as possible, which could lead to unique software features that take advantage of the Tensor G5, as well as better thermal and battery management, two perennial weaknesses for the Pixel.

One year before the launch of the Pixel 10 in 2025, Google has plenty of time to improve its Tensor G5. In the meantime, the Pixel 9 will be released in a few weeks, and numerous leaks are already letting us know what Google is preparing for its next smartphones.