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PS6 release date speculation, potential price, features, and more

PlayStation 5 came out from 2020. In other words, it's been a long time since Sony Gamers tried something new. Since then, I have been a little diverse and a variety of repetitions, but I've been waiting for PlayStation 6. 


It should be noted that the real details of the PS6 are weak, but there are specific ideas and alleged facts that can currently be shared. All this can change when we get a complete discovery of Sony, but for the moment, this is what we know of the unbeatable console. 

Current speculation about the PS6 release

date Sony has proven itself reliable by releasing a new console every few years. While there is no direct confirmation of the arrival of the PlayStation 6, it would be a big surprise if Sony simply moved away from its main console. There are also rumors floating around that the PlayStation 6 may actually be on the way. 

The main question is when? Sony has had a fairly regular release schedule for releasing new PlayStation iterations since the launch of the PlayStation 3. Sony's releases tend to be announced later in the year, so whatever year the PS6 is announced, it will likely be in the later months of the calendar. Speaking to Lifewire, a Sony spokesperson acknowledged that the company wants to stick to its proven schedule. For now, at least, that's a clue.

A clue regarding Sony's planned release of the PlayStation 6 console has emerged in official Microsoft court documents related to its acquisition of Activision Blizzard. The document states that "Call of Duty will no longer be accessible by the time SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment) releases its next-generation PlayStation console, likely around [redacted]."

Though the specific date is redacted, eagle-eyed observers have linked the announcement to Microsoft's proposal to keep Activision Blizzard games available on PlayStation platforms until 2027. The connection suggests that Microsoft did not expect a new PlayStation console to be released until 2027. As a result, 2027 and 2028 have emerged as possible target years for Sony to unveil the PS6 -- or, at the very least, the earliest Microsoft was considering for the debut of the next PlayStation.

To be realistic, the PlayStation 5 Pro will likely be released a year or so before the PS6. 

How much will the PlayStation 6 cost?

Again, we can only look back at Sony's history to get an idea of how much the PlayStation 6 might cost. The PS5 launched at $399 in 2020, with the Slim version costing $499.99 in 2023. Since Sony increased the price by $100 for the remastered version with a three-year gap between releases, there are still three years before the planned release of the PS5. The PS6 could see another $100 price hike in 2026.

It's possible that the base version of the PlayStation 6 could cost up to $600, especially since we don't yet know what new features might be included in the console. 

PS6 Specs: How powerful is the PlayStation 6?

The PlayStation 5 is already an incredibly powerful system, capable of smashing through 4k resolution like it was nothing. Since the PS5 Pro hasn't become any kind of big brother yet, it will naturally have even more power, so the internals could explode by the time the PS6 launches.

Looking at the biggest teraflops first, with the PS5 at just over 10 and the Xbox Series X leading with 12, Sony will be out for blood next time around. Since the PS5’s was over two times the number of the PS4 Pro, it’s likely we could see a jump of that ilk again meaning a potential of reaching a whopping 20 Teraflops. This will give it insane computing power and will be a struggle for its ‘green’ counterparts to keep up with. 

Regarding the exit approval, I am convinced that it will reach 8k comfortably. 120 Hz must be minimal. 

Sony has been very good with the power of the PS5's SSD, but it's still just an SSD with some extra technology added on, so we expect the PS6 to take another step forward, both in terms of read/write speeds and how it works with other internal components. Also, as games grow, the size needs to be huge. Even if Sony and Microsoft are a little frugal when it comes to internal storage, they will definitely have to expand it. The SSD capacity will likely be around 2TB, and could be even more if developers don't address the resource size and inevitable upgrades occur once the first game updates are released.

What features will the PS6 have?

Speaking of new features, there are some details about what is expected, but they are all unconfirmed. The new specifications are always implemented, the development is out of the development, and the PS6 can easily change many of Sony currently watching when released. 

Built-in wireless charging

For starters, while all modern PlayStations naturally feature wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, it's believed that the PS6 could have its own built-in wireless charging. This will allow you to charge accessories like your phone, VR headsets, headphones, controllers, etc. 

BP integration

Since virtual reality is not a secret for everyone in the future of the game, a specific virtual integration is required by PlayStation at a specific time. Currently, players rely on helmets and external consoles, which can be a great opportunity for Sony to combine a console box to combine traffic controllers and helmets. If so, this could lead to even higher prices than those estimated above.

New and improved user interface (UI)

In terms of appearance, we also expect updates to the UI and console. The PlayStation 6 should last at least 5 years (until the PS7 is released), so it needs a new and improved user interface that will stand the test of time, as well as the expected PlayStation Store updates that will come with the release of the new console.

Light Console

In terms of aesthetics, Sony has already experimented with reducing the thickness of the PS5 with the Slim version, and there are rumors that the thickness will increase again with the PlayStation 5 Pro. Hardware trends highlight that many consumers want a lighter alternative. After all, a large case is no longer necessary for large amounts of storage or power, so Sony is likely to follow the trendy preference if it can. 

Digital version

There is also a hypothesis that Sony can continue digital technology trips. Digital technology started with PS5 Slim Digital, a console version that is not compatible with disk. This means that you no longer need to use the physical copy of the game, but all games are actually saved. 

This is why both excitement and anxiety vary depending on where you stand in the physical media debate. Keep in mind that using a digital library only works if these games are supported by the provider. If you want to rely on a back library of old games from previous consoles, it’s possible that companies like Sony will eventually delete or remove compatibility. 

After all, the company doesn’t have a loving relationship with physical media. If you own the physical discs, you can access the content on other consoles, but the digital format alone isn't any fun.

Game Series Center

Tom's Guide also hinted that a new franchise hub could be on the way, which is something fans are increasingly asking for. Playing a series in order presents an additional headache, and many gamers wish Sony would make it easier to purchase an entire series of games in a franchise, or at least provide the ability to browse similar games in a single list in the age of remakes. 

Integration of AI

In the world, an increasingly mobile AI, there are also rumors that we can see the greatest integration of AI. This means the possibility of ar-oral SPC and game scenarios, which can literally adapt to your choice of the way in which playing companies have just started to experiment. The features a console can support will inform what games it may include in the future.